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Yumiko Kijima-Tivers


Here at Super Vegan Travel, we are lucky enough to have Yumiko Kijima-Tivers on our team to guide and help lead our tours. Yumiko has enjoyed a long career as a Blue Badge guide – the highest guilding qualification given by Institute of Tourist Guilding in Britain. 

Yumiko visited the UK at the age of 18(?) where she met her now husband Paul Tivers. She quickly fell in love with English culture, so much so, that she was eager to show others what a beautiful country she was living in. In 2005 after her 2 children had grown, she gained her Drivers Guide qualification. This enabled her the freedom to better show her guests the ‘real’ England that she had fallen in love with, organizing tours that suited each person/group, focusing on her favourite aspects of England such as it’s unique culture, nature, animals and vegan living. 

With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her, Yumiko has appeared on both British and Japanese TV. She has coordinated and written for various media outlets including; VisitBritain, RSVP magazine, Yomiuri Shimbun, home Pictorial, Sunday Mainichi, Tokyo newspaper, Bungeishunju, Skyward (JAL flight magazine), the Kingdom of the wing (ANA flight magazine), Eclat, Virgin Atlantic Airline, newsletter, etc. 

Yumiko has also written two books and a blog detailing the English way of life. 





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