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At Super Vegan Travel we create compassionate tours for both vegans and non-vegans alike and provide information about vegan tourism. It is an exciting time for veganism in the UK, which has experienced a 360% growth in the past 10 years! We aim to expose as many people as possible to this growing movement, to fuel the vegan economy and to show businesses that there is indeed a huge market for more compassionate choices.

Our small group tours allow our guests to experience a bit of everything: both city and rural living, regular sightseeing, and vegan experiences like meeting rescued animals and other local vegan people. We offer custom trips for individuals, couples and small groups. If you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to be your hosts and help you create the vegan holiday of your dreams!


Who we are

We, Becky and Michiko, have been together since 2010 and were married in 2017 at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary in Hawaii. Both vegan when we met, we have been working together for the last 6 years. We are both passionate about making the world a better place for all and have spent a lot of time volunteering for various human, animal and environmental organisations. We now live in Suffolk with our two dogs, Arta and Bindi and cat, Tia who all adopted us on our travels. We like to spend time with good friends, out in nature, reading books and of course travelling and learning. Becky likes to cook and we both love to eat – food is never far from our minds or mouths! Travelling is a big part of our lives and we believe that it is through having an open mind that we can understand the lives of others, which in turn helps us to take measures to support equality for all.

Yumiko and Paul are Michiko’s parents and have been married for….a long time! Yumiko has been running tours in the UK for many years, has featured on both British and Japanese TV, written for several magazines and has published books about British Villages and the British way of life. Paul has enjoyed a long career in the film industry and has travelled extensively producing and coordinating film shoots in many countries, including Japan. Paul and Yumiko now operate their own tour company Culture Tourism UK. They live in Buckinghamshire with their 2 rescue dogs, Ruby and Jasper.

Why we started Super Vegan Travel

Very simply speaking, we started Super Vegan Travel because we love travelling and we love vegan food! We have travelled to lots of countries since going vegan 10 years ago; Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, Canada, France, Hungary, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and of course Japan and the UK.

After being away for 6 years, we came back to a huge increase in veganism which made us incredibly happy! We had also forgotten a lot about England and couldn’t believe just how beautiful it is! It is easy to take things for granted when you experience it all the time – we could now see England with new eyes. So we thought what better way to enjoy all that vegan England has to offer than to share it with new friends who also want to explore with us!

Tourism runs in our family, with Michiko’s parents, Yumiko and Paul, already running a successful business, Culture Tourism UK. With our background in business and Yumiko and Paul’s expertise in tourism, we found the perfect conditions to create something magical together.

Travel has been a huge passion for us. It has taught us about the diversity and beauty of the world but it also opened our eyes to something that is less talked about, the suffering. We witnessed a lot of abuse while travelling and volunteering with animals – dogs, cats, buffalo and pigs were beaten, shot and barbequed without a second thought. To us, there is no difference between any of these animals. They all feel the same love and pain and all have the desire to live a life free from cruelty. That is why we always try as much as is possible to find activities and products on our tours that do not come from the oppressing of animals.

Through our tours, we support businesses, organisations and charities that share our beliefs. When we are not able to support a vegan business where one does not exist (yet!), we show omnivore businesses just how big a market there is for providing vegan options. We believe that we can strengthen the vegan economy and show our clients a range of different avenues for veganism through our tours – in essence we want to encourage tourism that also creates positive impact for animals and gives fellow animal lovers hope for a better future. Together we can create change!

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