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こんなに人が集まることは誰も想像していなかったことと思います。- 私たちが到着したのはフェスティヴァルが始まって15分後のことでしたが、すでに館内は歩くのが難しいほどの賑わいぶりで2時間後にはほとんどの食べ物は売り切れていました。来年はコルチェスターのヴィーガニズムに対する興味ももっと増えるでしょうから、更に大きな場所が必要になるでしょう。





Last weekend we went to a small vegan festival in a town 30 mins away from our home.

This is just a small taste of what’s to come on our Vegan Christmas Tour of England when we will be visiting a vegan festival in Bristol 10 times the size of this one!

Colchester is the oldest recorded town in the UK dating back to 77AD with a population now of around 120,000 people. It’s strange to think that a vegan festival would be held here but, as more people become vegan, in recent years there has been a surge in small cities and towns in the UK hosting these wonderful events.

I don’t think anybody expected such a big turn out – by the time we got there 15 minutes after opening, it was already difficult to move inside and within 2 hours most things had already sold out! I’m sure next year they will hire a bigger space to keep up with the growing demand for veganism in Colchester.

This festival was full of food with lots of pastries, cakes, burgers, quiches, cookies and mac n cheese to name but a few and it also had a fully vegan bar. We bought a lot of food and then devoured it outside on the grass while we watched history in the making. 10 years ago this turn out would have been unthinkable in such a small place as Colchester but now, the demand of vegan food is outweighing supply!

We had a great time at the festival among other like-minded people. One thing we were sad about was missing ‘Battered’ (Colchester’s first and currently only vegan fish and chip truck) as the queue was too long. That just means we will have to come back to Colchester to see them again, stay tuned for a future blog post and review of the vegan version of the UK’s most popular dish – fish and chips 🙂

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